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About Erik Murray

Erik Murray was a professional photographer for over 40 years. During his early years he worked for photographic companies such as Tempest in England but most will remember Erik as the owner of First Class School Photography which was one of Irelands biggest and most successful school photographic companies. Erik established First Class School Photography by himself in 1980 and ran the company with complete professionalism until his death in March 2015.

As a tribute to Erik, we have set up this website to showcase his natural, raw and untouched Irish Landscape Photography showing a true Ireland. Many of the images have been taken on negative as far back as 1980 with his Hasselblad and Bronica Camera’s.

Erik’s  other passions were singing and hiking. He was a professional singer in the 1970’s and was in showband’s such as The Hot Air Machine, The Sands, The Strangers, The Pebbles and was lead singer of The Dreams among others, for more information on Erik’s showband career please see the following websites:—-eric-murray.php

image03Erik in his Showband day’s

Erik took most of his images on his many adventures on the mountains around Ireland and surrounding scenic areas.

He loved nature and being outdoor’s, in particular being on the mountains of Ireland. One of his greatest achievements (and there were  many!) was climbing to the summit Kilimanjaro in 2006, this was particularly special to Erik as it was one of his life goals. We hope you enjoy looking at Erik’s work and if anyone would like to leave a comment, short note or share a memory of Erik please do so on the Memories Page. People who knew and talked to Erik also knew how he loved to share his life experiences and stories about his many adventures, so we would enjoy reading your stories, comments or memories of Erik that you may have.

We would also like to remember Alan Murray, Erik’s brother who worked alongside Erik in First Class School Photography who sadly passed away in April 2016.

Best Wishes,

Erik’s Loving Family

Esther, Jason, Erika, Joanna and all his Grandchildren


Erik at the Summit of Kilimanjaro 2006